ISKCON Ladies Forum

The ladies at ISKCON, are actively engaged in all the various limbs of devotional service. They worship the deities by cooking, making garlands and all types of flower arrangements, and they have a turn to lead the kirtana in the temple room for the pleasure of their Lordships. They are prominent in the preaching field. A number of them are graduates from our Bhaktivedanta College of Vedic Education and are engaged in conducting home satsangas and teaching the Vedic literature. They also participate in distributing books.The householder ladies are mothers to the brahmacaris and sannyasis and they cook for them whenever required.

ISKCON Youth Forum
Bal Udhyan

ISKCON Kharghar - Sector 23, Hare Krishna Land, Central Park, Opp. Golf Course, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, 410210, India.
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