Significance of Krishna

Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the creator and maintainer of this cosmic manifestation. He has created this world in order to offer the rebellious souls a chance to rectify their mentality of trying to enjoy this world independent of Krishna. Instead, He invites us to enjoy eternal life and bliss with Him in the spiritual world. Most people in this world have no idea of who they are, what the goal of life is, and who God is. Atheists think that there is no God whereas some modern philosophers like Neitsze would have us believe that God is dead! Again, other philosophers like the medieval Christian philosophers and scientists such as Leibniz and Newton believed that God created a clockwork universe which went on without His intervention once He had created it. Still others known as impersonalists think that God has no form.

The appearance of Lord Krishna on this earth is the answer to all such speculative theories about God.

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